Buffer Strip Project & Management


The Lake and Valley Garden Club was awarded the Garden Club of America 2008 Founders Fund Grant for their "Buffer Strip" proposal.  The strip of land borders Lake Otsego.  It stabilizes the shoreline and creates a lovely garden history area for visitors.


A buffer strip is an area of land maintained in permanent vegetation that helps to control air, soil, and water quality, along with other environmental problems, dealing primarily on land that is used in agriculture. Buffer strips trap sediment, and enhance filtration of nutrients and pesticides by slowing down runoff that could enter the local surface waters. - Wikipedia


The 2008 Founders Fund

It all started in 2008, when the Lake & Valley Garden Club won the distinguished financial grant, The Founders Fund, from the Garden Club of America to develop our Buffer Strip project. The purpose was to stabilize the shoreline of Otsego Lake while creating an appealing garden atmosphere

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Each year, Lake & Valley Garden Club works directly with students from the New York BOCES school to maintain the Buffer Strip. Annual maintenance happens each Spring including removal of debris or the addition of new plants.


About THE garden club of america

The Garden Club of America is a national leader in the fields of horticulture, conservation, and civic improvement. Founded in 1913, The Garden Club of America is a volunteer nonprofit organization comprised of 201 member clubs and approximately 18,000 club members throughout the country. GCA members passionately devote their energies and expertise to a wide array of projects in their communities and across the nation. The GCA Founders Fund is an annual award to a club for an exceptional community project.



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