GCA Committees

The Admissions/ Membership Committee

The Admissions/Membership Committee evaluates membership proposals, following the club’s guidelines, for persons who best exemplify and promote the ideals of The GCA. Admission/Membership information is kept current and documented.

The Archivist/ Historian

The Archivist/Historian receives, organizes, conserves, and makes available for research by club members, those items deemed worthy of preservation, to reflect the ongoing legacy of The GCA.

The Awards Committee

The Awards Committee recommends recipients for GCA national medals and selects club member commendation for outstanding achievement/contribution.

The Bulletin / Communications Committee

The Bulletin/Communications Committee supports the purpose of GCA by publishing topics/photographs to stimulate and enlighten a diverse membership.

The Conservation Committee

The Conservation Committee keeps the membership informed on current conservation issues; promotes respect for natural resources and environmental stewardship; encourages club participation on local conservation efforts; provides environmental education for youth and the general public.

The Floral Design / Flower Show Committee

The Floral Design / Flower Show Committee promotes flower shows, stimulates interest, provides guidance and encouragement to members, offers opportunities for demonstration/practice maintaining the standards of excellence following current GCA guidelines.

The Founders Fund Committee

The Founders Fund Committee researches and writes a proposal to GCA for a monetary grant to initiate a project that will enhance the environment of the local community.  All GCA members are given the opportunity to vote on club proposals.  The ongoing status of the project will be reported to the club membership.

The Garden History & Design Committee

The Garden History & Design Committee uses research and photography documenting good design practices. Educational and lecture programs, historic preservation awards and internships will promote interest and an appreciation of America’s gardens.

The Horticulture Committee

The Horticulture Committee seeks to nurture the knowledge and love of gardening, promote useful and valuable plants, and promote participation in GCA horticulture shows.

The National Affairs and Legislation (NAL) Committee

The National Affairs and Legislation (NAL) Committee keeps the GCA membership current on federal policy initiatives that relate to the GCA’s mission and identifies advocacy opportunities based on the GCA’s Position Papers.

The Photography Committee

The Photography Committee furthers the knowledge and love of gardening and the natural landscape through photography.  It promotes the art and science of photography at all skill levels through education and practice opportunities.  GCA rules for photography preparation and display will be demonstrated.

The Program Committee

The Program Committee is the source for program ideas, speakers, and fundraising ideas.  Its purpose is to discover, research, evaluate, recommend, inform, and educate.  The  Program Calendar for the current year will be entered on the club and GCA websites.

The Scholarship Committee

The Scholarship Committee was established to facilitate the administration of GCA scholarships and educational programs.  The committee will seek qualified recipient(s) to award a financial stipend for the purpose of furthering the recipient’s education, research and practices of GCA gardening initiatives.

The Visiting Gardens Committee

The Visiting Gardens Committee plans trips to educate members in garden history and design, horticulture and the environment.  The committee will also facilitate visits from other GCA clubs.

The Website Design Committee

The Website Design Committee will maintain the clubs website including current information/photos.