Not All Frogs Are Created Equal

Fifty Flowers ( offers a 4 inch square, bendable wire grid that works with most containers. $6.99 for 1, $24.99 for 6, $45.99 for 12

A benefit of recycling: Reuse the plastic netting bags that avocados come in since they are both strong and flexible. Cut the netting to size to fit the top of your container, square, round, oval. Using clear packing tape secure the slippery netting to the sides of the container, stretching it to keep it tight and rigid. The tighter the netting, the more support the flower stems will have.

Costs: a bag of avocados. Budable™ is a handmade polymer, self-sticking, flexible, stretchable, stem assembly tool that the company likes to call the lightweight, any size portable flower frog. It comes in a 3-pack for $15.99. It can be ordered from Amazon by searching: Budable™ 3-pack Flower Arranger, floral supplies, flower frog holder. It is shipped and sold by Bloomeze.

Visiting Gardens

Beekman Estate 2019


2019 Ripple Effect Zone III Meeting


Member Awards

Lucy - 2nd Place- Class 2-A day at our Great Lake
Elaine - HM – Photo Chihuly – Class 2- Still Waters Run Deep Reflection in Water
Suzy - HM - Class 8- Paeonia- Class received a Judge’s Commendation
Paula - 2nd - Class 18 - Shrub Rose-Rosa Rugosa
Suzy - 1st Place - Class 28 - Allium
Chris and Lucy - HM - Class 37 - Collection of 3 or more native pollinators - Poppy, Hollyhock and Echinaces - Judges Commendation for Propagation
Joan - HM - Class 38 - succulent